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Biogas Production and Mixing System



The 'Bio-Gas Production & Mixing System by PE' is applied in the Primary and Secondary Digestion with the aim to produce Bio-Gas through the Anaerobic Digestion of the Sludge. Thanks to its properties, the Bio-Gas System by PE' performs: a continuous & controlled mixing of sludge, the uniformity of the digestion process inside the digesters, the uniformity of the temperature (T) of the sludge to be treated, the elimination of the thermal stratification, the absence of any deposit inside the digesters, the optimization of the process conditions (intimate contact,fast digestion, no superficial crust).

These performances enhance an Improvement of the Digestion Process that provides:

  • an increase of the Treated Sludge Flow
  • a decrease of the Residence Time (τ)
  • a higher working flexibility
  • an increase of the Bio-Gas production.

BioGas Digester - Inspection Inside a Biogas Tank with Helixor
Inspection of a Digester Tank where the Biogas production is done through the anaerobic digestion of the sludge. Digestion Tank with Helixor. The Tank has cylindrical shape. Inspection done to decide the revamping activities at Client Plant.


Since no sludge/water separation and no maintenance are required, the “Bio-Gas System by PE' reduces the operation stops of the digester and guarantees

  • a high utilization
  • high performances

of the digester in which it is applied.

The heart of this system is the application of special Bio-Gas Diffusers to guarantee a Forced & Controlled Mixing of the processed fluids: Sludge, Gas and others.

Thanks to his experience, Process Engineering - PE can offer two types of Bio-Gas Diffusers:

  • Helixor Diffuser for Bio-Gas
  • Jet-Helix Diffuser for Bio-Gas

that satisfy the productivity required by the Clients .

The use of such equipments permits to

  • satisfy the Client’s process specifications
  • to preserve the operation competitiveness of the plant

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