BioKube A/S

- Model 50 to XL - Decentral Wastewater Treatment Plants



The BioKube BioReactor is most commonly used for treating wastewater from smaller villages and factories and retro fit with daily wastewater outlet of more than 100 m³. The system is designed for placement in in-situ casted concrete tanks.

  • All electrical component in the BioReactor system; e.g. blowers, pumps, UV-units , are integrated and connected to the BioKube Standard Control Box, from where the power is distributed and controlled.
  • The Control Box is placed in and external weather protected shed (see drawing).
  • The plant is normally powered with 340 Volt, 3 phase power supply.
  • Systems for 110V power supply regions can be supplied upon request.

A full BioReactor installation typically consists of the following major parts and cleaning steps

  1. Septic Tank
  2. Clarifying Zone
  3. Buffer Tank
  4. Tanks for ”3” & ”4”
  5. BioReaktors
  6. Shed with Control Box and Blower

A complete system can consist of multiple BioReactor Units modular installed in parallel and 1-4 units in series. For more information see the installation manual.

Construction Principles

Each BioReactor units must be installed in a concrete tank forming space for (A) the treatment unit and a (B) clarifying zone.

  • A The concrete tank for each of the treatment zones should be at least 10 cm wider and 50 cm deeper than the BioReactors.
  • B The clarifying zone is recommended to have a size that allows for a minimum of two hours retention time and a surface area to secure maximum uplift speed of 1 m/h.

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