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- Model BioMax - Containerized Sewage Wastewater Treatment Plant



BioContainer Systems are containerized Sewage Treatment Plants, most commonly used for treating waste water at camps, oil rig sites & remote locations. BioContainer comes in different versions of integration of cleanings steps, transportability and capacity. The systems are typically installed above ground for non-permanent installations.

BioContainer, BioMax

  • The BioContainer ”BioMax” must be placed on a load bearing horizontally leveled surface with a maximum variation of + or - 1 cm per 4 mtrs.
  • The surface must consist of either stable compressed gravel or 200 mm cast concrete slab built on stable soil. The ”BioMax” version requieres an externally installed buffer tank and septic tank. The system is hence regarded a semi-transportable system, allowing parts of the cleaning chain to be transported to alternative locations.
  • BioKube can supply transportable septic tanks

  • All electrical component in the BioContainer system; e.g. blowers, pumps, UV units , are integrated and connected to the integrated control box, from where the power is distributed and controlled.
  • The plant is normally powered with 340 Volt, 3 phase power supply.
  • Remote survelliance and control can be optionally applied.

  • The BioContainer units are delivered with a 10 metre flexible inlet pump hose allowing trouble free initial transfer of the waste water to the system.
  • Depended on system type, the inlet pumps can be placed on e.g. guidelines or in a specially constructed transfer pump well.

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