- Model Mars 5000 - Packaged Wastewater Treatment Plants



BioKube’s Mars 5000 system is a STP most commonly used for smaller residential housing groups or tourist accommodation sites. The Mars 5000 system is typically installed after a buffer tank and a septic tank either in- or above ground.

  • Height (mm) : 2,220
  • Diametre (mm) : 2,000
  • Weight (kg) : 650
  • Weigth with Water (kg) : 6,000
  • Power consump. (kwh/year) : 7,500
  • Tank Material : PP
  • Piping Material : PVC
  • Oulet/Sludge Return Pipe (mm) : 110/110
  • Capacity (L/day) * : 5-17
  • Capacity, PE ** : 27-136

* Capacity varies according to input characteristics & output requirements
** 1 PE = 60g BOD, 13 g Ntotal, and 2,5 g Ptotal, 125-180 L/day

BioKube E-III Control Unit

  • All electrical component in the Mars Unit; e.g. Blowers, pumps, UV Units , are integrated and connected to the BioKube E-III control unit, from where the power is distributed and controlled.
  • The Control Unit is placed in the internal control room (see drawing).
  • The plant is powered with 3 x 400 Volt. The maximum current is 2.5 Amperes depending on the number of pumps installed.
  • Systems for 110V power supply regions can be supplied upon request.

The Mars Systems is typically installed in ground after a buffer tank and a septic tank. The septic tank and buffer tank should be supplied locally from one of many standard suppliers. Alternatively it can be casted on site in concrete.

  1. Septic tank
  2. Buffer tank
  3. Mars 5000

  • The Mars 5000 system requires to be installed on a
  • level and compressed surface (e.g. gravel layer).
  • When back-filling a 100 mm layer of gravel must be placed around the plant.
  • In case of high ground water levels it is recommended to cast a buoyancy control concrete anchor around the bottom of the Mars plant.
  • The Mars 5000 can also be installed above ground without any additional equipment.

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