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- Municipal and Industrial Wastewater System



BIOLAGUNA is the most modern method of treatment of municipal and industrial waste water, especially water supply lines and with varying concentrations. They have the advantage of all the parameters by which they evaluate the efficiency of wastewater treatment water: low cost of construction, the highest level of treatment and the lowest operating costs. They are used for wastewater with mainly organic share of the load (eng, for cities with a strong food industry – dairy, brewery, slaughterhouse) and the capacity 2000-100000 ES. Process treatment lagoons are the low-loaded biological process with no refund or return of active sludge. ” I made aeration aeration chains” that provide good aeration mixing all parts of the lagoon. The lagoon sediment is deposited mineralized mud that draws only every 5 -10 years.BIOLAGUNA can be perfectly adapted to the specific requirements for the removal of nitrogen or phosphorus compounds.

  • The capacity of the device: 2000-100000 pe (population equivalent)
  • Without the Primary Settler and Primary Sludge Evacuation

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