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Biological Waste Treatment Plant with Anaerobic Digestion


The anaerobic degradation of the organic fraction, so-called „methanization“, represents an increasing portion of sustainable waste treatment. These typically moist fractions with a low calorific value in mixed household waste are barely suitable for thermal waste treatment, although they are ideal for biological conversion into biogas. The digestion can take place under mesophilic (35° - 40° C) or thermophilic (55° - 60° C) conditions, specifically tailored to the specific requirements of the feed material, the post-treatment and the quality requirements of the end products (e.g. TASi-compliant landfilling). The resulting digestate can be mechanically separated
into a solid fraction with approx. 50 % dry substance (DS) and a liquid fraction. This is partially recycled as dilution water for adjusting the DS concentration in the feed to the digestion process.

Separate collection of biowaste per German KrWG
The digestion technology is supported by the legislation:  In implementation of EU waste regulations in national law, § 11 section 1 of the Closed Substance Cycle Waste Management Act (KrWG), passed in 2012, obligates waste generators and public disposal organisations to separately collect biowastes subject to mandatory transfer by no later than the 1st January 2015. According to the definition of the term „biowaste“ in § 3 KrWG, this specification applies to garden, park and landscape conservation waste, as well as food and kitchen waste. For further development of the requirement formulated in KrWG regarding the separate  collection of biowastes, the legislature intends to utilise the delegated legislation in § 11 section 2 KrWG and implement a new version of the biowaste ordinance. Source: TEXT 84/2014 environmental research plan of the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Construction and Nuclear Safety.

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