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Biomasser mobile - a transportable machine, built on it's own chassis, which comes as a complete unit. It is suitable for straw and hay briquetting either in an open field, or directly at the stack or storage facility.

Line BIOMASSER MOBILE is designed for briquetting straw and hay in BIOMASSER technology by using machines composing complete line built on it's own chassis. Such solution provides factory on wheels for easy transporting directly to the place of raw material storage i.e. stack located in the field or barn and immediate briquettes production.

BIOMASSER technology consists on briquetting straw having 15%-30% moisture content, so it does not need prior drying. Only natural material is briquetted. No additives, glues are put it. We achieve 100% ecological fuel for heating purposes - straw briquettes called 'golden coal'.

BIOMASSER technology success is based on simplicity, neither hydraulic nor pneumatic devices, no complicated electronic and processors at very low energy consumption.

  • set BIOMASSER MOBILE close to the raw material storage i.e. at the stack in the open field, on the dirt-track, at the barn
  • mount the briquetting presses rod guides that drive the briquettes on a trailer, big-bags or others
  • supply the electric power from local terminal or power generator
  • after the briquetting presses become warm the line is ready to work
  • load the straw onto the loading table and start production.


depending on type, moisture content and quality of chopped material.

    Type BM6:

    • straw bale shredder TOMASSER type RB505E30
    • loading table type SP2
    • transportation fan
    • 2 straw briquetting lines BIOMASSER MIDI-MULTI type MDM3 each composed of 1 chopped straw bin and 3 presses BIOMASSER DUO
    • productivity*: up to 840 kg/h briquettes
    • operation: 2 persons.

    Type BM9 - NEW:

    • straw bale shredder TOMASSER®
    • loading table
    • transportation fan
    • 3 chopped straw bins
    • 9 briquetting presses BIOMASSER® DUO
    • productivity*: up to 1260 kg/h briquettes
    • operation: 2-4 persons.


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