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- Membrane Bioreactors with External Membranes


BIOMEMBRAT is the optimal process for highly loaded wastewater, since it offers, in comparison to other treatment processes, low investment and operating costs. The reduced production of excess sludge keeps sludge disposal costs down. The process of aerobically biodegrading contaminants is extremely stable and in comparison to thermal processes, energy efficient. Economic operation is assured, even with low membrane lifetimes, as a result of low areas of installed membranes.With such high concentrations of activated sludge, conventional aeration systems may prove inadequate in providing the necessary oxygen for the biomass to treat the wastewater. This problem can be solved by operating the plant with a pure oxygen aeration system and/or a pressurised bioreactor. The overpressure in the bioreactor improves the transfer of oxygen and increases the filtration capacity of the membrane plant.


The patented BIOMEMBRAT process is suitable for the treatment of highly loaded wastewater. This includes wastewater from the printing, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries, as well as landfill leachate, wastewater from waste oil and special waste disposal, and road tanker cleaning.

Activated sludge from the bioreactor is pumped, at a high flow rate, through external membranes that are arranged in series. The pressure loss encountered provides the high feed pressure needed for the removal of the treated effluent. Different membranes and module configurations can be applied depending on the wastewater being treated. The high cross flow velocity provides the necessary turbulence on the membrane walls.

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