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Mother Nature herself provides the solution to a host of stubborn, greasy plumbing and environmental challenges. The process of introducing biological additives is known as Bioaugmentation. Plumbing and pumping professionals have long known the difficulties to drain lines and treatment systems caused by fats, oils and greases. Buildups of these substances obstruct - and eventually clog - drainage systems. Advances in biotechnology have created a new 'Plumbers Best Friend.' Now a naturally occurring microorganism can be introduced directly into plumbing and treatment systems which actually feeds on these wastes and eliminates them from the environment. The technology is easy to use, inexpensive and safe. The BioOne Hungry Bacteria ® get to work immediately on degradation of nasty fats, oils and grease. This state-of-the-art product -- BioOne ® -- is marketed exclusively to environmental professionals for resale to commercial, residential and contract customers.

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