- Model B Series - Biological Treatment Unit



Biopak, a package type biological treatment unit, is a fixed bed, long aeration, active sludge system used for municipal wastewater treatment. Entirely a product of Sismat's know-how, it does not require any pre-equalization and is not affected by any hydraulic changes. It is an efficient, tested system that provides odorless and clear treated water quality. It is comprised of screening unit, aeration, clarification, disinfection, sludge deposit and control cabin.

  • Treatment efficiency is over 90%.
  • Treated water is so clean that it is safe to use it in your garden or washing outside floors.
  • Silent operation.
  • Transportable and compact.
  • Delivered ready to use. Only inlet, outlet and power connections are done on spot.
  • It does not take much room. It can be installed underground, in gardens and even in basements.

It is used for the treatment of wastewater from settlements with capacities ranging from 50 to 2000 people and without connection to the sewer system.

  • Housing complexes
  • Hotels
  • Holiday villages
  • Summer residentials
  • Construction sites
  • Schools
  • Factories

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