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- Biogas Flare


The BIOPAQ Biogas Flare combines a sturdy quality with a unique compact design aimed at simplicity. This means that methane-rich biogas of a low pre-pressure can be discharged safely and reliably without involving failure-prone rotating equipment such as ventilators or control valves.

The BIOPAQ®Biogas Flare is equipped with a venturi-type burner that gives a stable low-noise flame and a powerful ignition system that even generates sparks if held under water. Electric or pneumatic fail-safe valves and electronic flame checks complete the system. The product range allows for gas flaring of 80 to 3,000 m3 per hour at a pre-pressure of 30 mbar.

  • Long life materials
  • Low failure design
  • Stable invisible flame
  • Low noise
  • Compact design

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