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- Inorganic Micro-Accelerants and Additives


BioStryke TPHENHANCED leverages the naturally occurring anaerobic environment and delivers a passive-aggressive solution to your soil and groundwater contaminant concerns. Target contaminants include aliphatic and aromatic petroleum hydrocarbons. Our proprietary formulation of inorganic micro-accelerants and additives are proven to accelerate the biodegradation of target contaminants, expediting remediation, compliance, and redevelopment.

  • Accelerate Site Compliance
  • Accelerate Site Redevelopment
  • Maximize Project Remediation Dollars
  • Reduce Project Costs, Increase Margins
  • Eliminate Support Appurtenances
  • Eliminate Fugitive Exhaust Emissions
  • Destroy Dissolved Phase/Residual Source Mass in weeks, not months! Enhance anaerobic petroleum contaminant reduction.

BioStryke TPHENHANCED is demonstrated to increase rates of petroleum hydrocarbon biodegradation when compared to standard processes.

  • Prevent secondary contaminant generation
  • Convert Petroleum Mass to Biomass Sequestering Co
  • Increase G.W. pH (0.5-1 s.u.)
  • Increase VOC Biodegradation
  • Implement Multiple Deployment Options
  • Employ Formulation Ingredients with Greatest Energy Level
  • Aqueous Solubility Limits Orders of Magnitude > 02
  • Oxidant Loading overcomes Site Oxidation Demands
  • Sustain smaller Microbial Densities than aerobic processes
  • Increase ‘Value Enhanced’ Engineering Opportunities

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