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- Model PP - Separate Mechanical and Biological Units



Treatment plants are manufactured as plastic, waterproof basins divided into chambers by separate mechanical and biological units within which phases of purification of wastewater are carried out. Inside the basin there are inlet screening, the aeration system comprised of air transmission, aerator and air pump. Surfaces of all metal parts are either protected or manufactured from stainless steel. The basin is manufactured from extruded polypropylene plates joint together by welding. The basin is of cylindrical shape, with reinforcement rings on the outside. The construction of the basin is made in such a way that it may withstand the pressure of the ground without additional construction or static measures.

  • Rated capacity:1 – 200 ES (population equivalent)
  • No Primary Settler and Scour Primary Sludge
  • Purpose: for the camps, apartments, hotels, the restaurant, apartment buildings, gas stations, settlements, border crossings, etc.

Hydraulic system is manufactured from polypropylene pipes and it is situated on the frame of the basin. This system facilitates automatic circulation of the water and the sludge. Air system is comprised of the blower, air transmission and aerator. The blower is situated above the plant itself, usually in a dry place within the building (garage, boiler room, cellar, etc.). The blower functions without the need for lubrication with lubricating oil, with low electricity consumption and minimal noise level. The blower is the only electric device within treatment facility.

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