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- Standard Device for Biological Treatment



BIOTIP®is a standard device for biological treatment of wastewater from small villages, hotels, resorts, barracks, camps, schools, food industry, etc. The degree of purification is more than 95% degradation of organic matter, and if it is required, can be performed the procedure of removing additional nitrogen and phosphorus. Operating the device is fully automated with minimal operation and maintenance costs. The device is performed as a buried circular pool covered sprung by a step grate, located in the direction of the sewer when there is no need of performing the pumping station. The device has no moving parts (blowers and electrical boxes are placed in a separate room) for which the shelf life is unlimited, and all materials are resistant to aggressive media.

Rated capacity: 50-3500 PE (equivalent population), for the possible installation of larger capacity devices BIOTYPES 3 and is the largest capacity of 10.500 pe

Without the Need of a Primary Precipitator and Evacution Of Primary Sludge.

Purpose: hotels, apartments, restaurants, schools, hospitals, towns, municipalities, cities, industry, etc

BIOTIP ® is a standard device for biological purification of waste water that is used for biological treatment of sanitary sewage wastewater of small settlements and individual buildings for up to 3000 equivalent inhabitants. The device makes BIOTIP ® aeration circular pool in which there is a secondary sedimentation tank overflow with cross, air “mammoth” pump, aerators and air distribution piping. The pool is covered with mesh sprung by a step which relies on the carrier profile. For a complete drive unit we are using compressed air witch are pumped through low pressure compressor and housed in a separate room where there is a cabinet of electrical controlling. Fresh wastewater enters the aeration pool by gravity or by pump from the pool pump. The wastewater is intensively blown compressed air through the membrane aerators that produce fine bubbles. Fresh wastewater is mixed with fine bubbles of air, and oxygen from the air that is dissolving in water. The secondary settler is mammoth pump witch occasionally switches and “active” sludge consisting follicles microorganisms (bacteria, algae, protozoa) in aeration pool. Microorganisms need food and oxygen for living. They are taking food from the wastewater (organic matter) and thus is treated, and obtaine oxygen from air that is blown into the water. A mixture of waste water, air bubbles and microorganisms exceeds the secondary sedimentation tank where the activated sludge is separated from the clarified water that flows into the overflow. Activated sludge is returns again to the aeration pool and thus the process is continually updated. Clarified and biologically treated water goes into the recipient. After some time, microorganisms partly dies and creates a biomass whose concentration in the effluent increases However, the process is so dimensioned that the biomass is further oxidized and mineralized (extended aeration) and the process leads us to the endogenous phase of respiration. This reduces the volume of excess sludge and excess sludge extraction needs to be extended for a longer time. In practice, the extraction of surplus sludge is conducted once every 6 months to 2 years. Output water has less than 25 mg (BOD5) / l which makes the degree of purification greater than 95% degradation of organic matter. This is achieved by dimensioning the load on the aeration basin volume of less than 0.2 kg (BOD5) / m3, d, water retention in secondary precipitator of more than 4 hours and the introduction of oxygen of at least 3.0 kg O2/kg (BOD5). Output water meets the requirements for discharge into the natural recipient of category II.

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