Neve Envirronement

Neve Envirronement

- Model 75-2000 - Treatment Plants


BIOXY RANGE 75-2000 Inhabitants Equivalents (EH) Solutions Modern, compact, simple and very economical. The range BIOXY treatment plants are compact systems domestic wastewater treatment operating on the principle of forced oxygenation (activated sludge). The range proposed in semi-collective sanitation includes models from 75 to 2000 equivalents Habitants.


  • Ultra-economical due to their simplicity
  • Solution for the construction or rehabilitation of a Sanitation Semi Collective (ASC)
  • Technical mastered for over 25 years
  • Compact installation: 50 to 170 m²
  • Simple and robust design
  • No odor nuisance
  • Settings Management PLC in cycles
  • No visual impact
  • Wide range: 75 EH; EH 100; EH 125; EH 150; EH 175; EH 200; EH 250; EH 300; EH 350; EH 400; EH 450; EH 500; EH 550; 600 EH.

Technical specifications

  • Materials tanks: FRP (Fibreglass Reinforced Glass Fibers).
  • treatment capacity: 75 EH 600 EH with opportunity to study beyond that capacity
  • BIOXY C (Compact - a single module) consisting of a primary settling, a biological reactor and a clarifier.
  • BIOXY (several modules) please contact us.
  • Oxygenation: by microbullage ramp
  • Options: treatment of nitrogen, phosphorus, tertiary treatment, monitoring

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