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The ideal solution for critical service, non-compliant and limited access wells. Top-head-drive piston pumps are heavy duty pumps sited above the wellhead. The pumps provide continuous operation and can pump any liquid, in any environment, at any depth and at any angle, providing the ideal solution for critical service, non-compliant and limited access wells. Easy to service and repair, the pumps are explosion proof and improve safety levels on site as there is no need to pull the pump. The piston pumps have been successfully used in a broad range of well-based applications including landfill leachate, groundwater remediation, gas-well dewatering, condensate-recovery sump, petrochemical refinery and offshore applications.

The pumps are particularly effective for landfill sites, allowing operators to meet high environmental standards, improve production of clean methane gas and cope with extremes in weather and downhole conditions.

The pumps can remove water and product (eg leachate) from well casings as narrow as 5cm and to depths of up to 215 metres. Flow rates are fully adjustable and the fluid inlet is located at the bottom of the pump intake cylinder, removing water or product to 0 submergence depth.

For pumping LNAPL and DNAPL the top-head-drive piston pumps provide a slow, steady draw which is the key to handling hot, viscous liquids in product recovery applications. The piston pumps are the ideal solution for extracting heavy DNAPL from well bottoms, and with the skimmer attachment draws LNAPL from the top surface.

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