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Crystal clear and flawless as white porcelain, pure and elegant. A beautiful inspiration from The Chinese aesthetic has been newly interpreted by modern women. Blanc de Chine searches for the origin of beauty in Chinese glamour and wisdom, and produces natural and nourishing products. The Blanc de Chine facial care series uses a natural and gently effective herbal formula to refresh the skin with ease, making skin complexion natural, rosy and flawless.

Combines skin whitening essences such as camellia extract, vitamin C, licorice essence, and Morus alba L., hence it is effective as an anti-inflammatory and sun-blocking agent, keeping the skin vibrant and the complexion consistently tender and fair. Pigmentation won't have a chance to show up on your face. Use it consistently and your skin will be naturally clear and flawless. Blanc de Chine explores your youthful and vibrant origin and presents the unique expression of Asian beauty.

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