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The innovative 3-in-1 Power Shredder™ boasts all the advantages of the standard Tractor Power Shredder yet gives you the added benefit of having one machine with many uses. Thanks to the 3-in 1’s multi-position feature you can cut anything from directly behind to fully offset with the ability to angle up and down. The 3-in-1 can be used not only for topping and shredding but also for hedges/verges and embankments.

  • Can be positioned directly behind or offset to minimise tractor tyre tracks.
  • Hedge facing: Keeps hedge faces in check, especially laneways.
  • Topping & mulching: It gives an impressive finish compared to a conventional topper with a minimum of 30 more cuts per reveloution than a conventional topper, for a finer cut (depending on blade options). Material will decompose faster resulting in boosting this season’s grass yield.
  • Verges: The Blaney 3-in-1 can be easily moved to avoid any object and poles that obstruct the cutting path often without tractor repositioning.
  • Embankments: These can prove a dangerous task to cut but are much safer with the 3-in-1.
Why consider a Blaney 3-in-1 Power Shredder?
With a unique rotor and cutting chamber design for increased efficiency, the 3-in-1 Power Shredder ™ saves time & fuel with less Horsepower nedded compared to a tractor flail yet gives a much finer chop.
The 3-in-1 Power Shredder™ comes with all the Power Shredder options highlighted on the previous page. It also comes with an extra blade option of hedge blades.

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