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Blazing Fast Fittings require no tools, clamps, or other materials. Slips into the pipe quickly and easily. Patented lock ring technology slides back to lock the fittings into place. Double O-Ring seal prevents leaks and provides a secure fit. Tested in the field by contractors for over a year, Blazing Fast Fittings are ready for your next installation.

The Blazing BVS-1 is a self-stripping wire connector for #16 to #20 gauge solid and stranded wires. No tools, stripping, or twisting necessary. Insert the wires, rotate the connector closed, and you are ready to move onto your next valve splice. With its unique patented design, the BVS-1 provides maximum moisture protection and a superior wire hold.

The Blazing BVS-2 offers an inexpensive alternative to expensive wire splices for two wire and commercial irrigation installations. Approved for use on most two wire systems, the BVS-2 offers superior moisture protection as well as a superior hold. With a 486D direct bury ETL listing, the BVS-2 is the dependable choice for your next installation. Two holes for #12 to #14 solid wire and a third hole for a #16 to #20 stranded valve wire makes the BVS-2 a simple connector for larger gauge valve splices. The BVS-2 can also be used for bundling the hot (common) wire for up to 5 valves (7 #18-#20 wires).

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