- Model 45 - Trailed Sprayer



The trailed low volume sprayer model Blitz 45, with pneumatic atomization based on the 'Venturi Tube' principle, performs chemical treatments with a low volume of water. Compact and of great manouvrability,is versatile and reliable as the whole range of CIMA's sprayers. Maximum performance with low operating costs and low maintenance.els Serie S4-S5 fulfil the needs of any farms.

Specifications  - Equipment ONLY FOR EC REGULATION 

  • 600-800 and 1000lt. main tank in polyethylene equipped with gratuated level indicator
  • Polyethylene spray-line rinsing tank placed below the main tank (gives the machine an excellent stability)
  • 30lt. hand-washing tank
  • Hydraulic pre-mixer incorporated within the basket filter
  • Two agitation systems, liquid and air
  • C.I.M.A.'S centrifugal pump (no diaphrams or valves) made of anticorrosive material and requiring no maintenance.
  • Pressure regulator with manual control and Ø 100mm pressure gauge (0÷6 atm)
  • Spraying ON/OFF control by remote control electro-valves from tractor seat
  • Rotating calibration discs, 15 positions - delivery from 70 to 3400 l/h
  • Steel high pressure radial fan with fan disengagement, polyethylene fan housing
  • Poly-V belt drive with automatic tensioner.
  • Overrunning clutch – safety stop device in the event the PTO is suddenly stopped
  • Steel frame, trail- eye drawbar adjustable in lenght and height, electrostatic painted with polyester powder.
  • Wheel-hubs adjustable in width and height, electrostatic painted with polyester powder
Technical information

Tractor Minimum required power 33 kW – 45 hp
Sprayer Absorbed power 17 kW – 23 hp
Fan 450 mm. dia.steel closed radial fan  4500 rpm – air delivery 5400 m3/h – air speed 188 m/sec
Pump centrifugal spray and agitation CIMA CD 32 pump  4250 rpm – 140 lt./min delivery – 4,5 kg/cm² max pressure

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