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- Multi Functional Valve



BLOCKS – Valves for modular design and individual mixing. The BLOCKS Multi-Functional Valve is designed for the filling of single and mixed types of gases. Through the patented and especially compact modular construction method, different valves can be produced according to the specific needs of individual customers. During a product optimisation process, the BLOCKS system was again certified for gas applications with oxygen up to 400 bar by the German Institute for Materials Research and Testing. The BLOCKS system also offers a “block-and-bleed”-function.

  • Type: BLOCKS
  • Temperature: -35° C to +60° C
  • Pressure range: upto 400 bar
  • Position indication: inductive sensor
  • Service fluids: N2, O2, H2, Ar, N2O, CO2
  • Housing material: Cu-Al-Alloy
  • Actuator: manual, pneumatic
  • End connections: threat connections
  • Installation postitions:
  • Nominal diameter: 8 to 16 mm

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