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- Lamp Sorting Plant


Nowadays there are thousands of different types of lamp on the market. From toxic waste to rare earth metals, a wide range of materials is used in lamps and needs to be recycled at the end of the lamp’s life cycle. It is therefore necessary to sort the lamps in order to achieve an efficient recycling rate and good quality recycled products. This state-of-the-art lamp sorting machine not only achieves high-quality separation, it also increases capacity. The customized design enables the lamps to be handled safely and smoothly and minimizes glass breakage. Breakages are screened out and the remaining dust is absorbed by the exhaust air system. The workplaces are also equipped with a ventilation system, which ensures a constant supply of fresh air for the operators. Safe, efficient, environmentally friendly sorting and minimized emissions are guaranteed.

  • Sorting capacity: Up to 4 tonnes per day
  • 2 ergonomic workplaces
  • High sorting quality
  • Screening of dust and glass breakages
  • Local aspiration of emissions
  • Constant fresh air supply for operators

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