- Model NG - Modules



Fast, cold, disinfection of packaging and surfaces without chemicals, in line with machine speeds. Because of their especially high UVC intensity, the BlueLight NG modules from Heraeus Noblelight GmbH are particularly suited to integration in efficient filling machine.The compact design allows easy retrofitting in existing packaging sytems. For higher UV dosage, several UV cassettes can be connected in parallel. Special high power Gold Spot lamps provide the UV power necessary for reliable germicidal action. Water cooling is not necessary.

  • Specially developed High power Gold Spot lamps to provide the required UVC power
  • Patented breakage detector on the quartz glass window,
  • Comjputer-base3d reflector design for uniform illumination and disinfection of the surface being disinfected.
  • Disinfection capability validated by the “Frauenhofer Institute for Foodstuffs Technology and Packaging”, Munich
  • Long operating life of 4000 hours (6 months) with a drop in power of less than 35%. over this time.
  • Easy lamp replacement and low operating costs.

  • Disinfection of yoghurt pots,  tubular pouches and other packaging materials
  • Tub disinfection during cold filling
  • Disinfection of hard cheeses and fruit and vegetable products.
  • Disinfection of cleaned transport containers before re-use (To prevent re-infection during storage and handling)
  • Design of product sluices for high speed material movement.
  • Disinfection of belts in dry applications.

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