- Model BMC-HR - High Rate Dissolved Air Flotation System


Modern concept for circular shaped DAF systems: High rate dissolved air flotation units BMC-HR, are innovative high rate machines, developed as a result of long experience and experimentation, where the flotation process fulfils each of the third generation technologies, as defined in the acts of the most recent international specific conferences (Helsinki 2000 and Seoul 2007).

  • Flocculation under turbulence followed by distribution into a microbubble cloud, obtained in a particular reaction chamber, built into the flotation tank, where aggregation kinetics are optimised;
  • Optimized inlet to the DAF separation with uniform flow distribution that optimises microbubbles adsorption;
  • High dewatering percentage of the surface sludge removed, obtained by means of a spillway surface with variable speed exhaust operating at 360° with discharge into an annular collecting chamber;
  • High slope bottoms for collecting and manual or automatic removal of any regimented material;
  • Clarified effluent discharge through a telescopic valve with manual or automatic control to suit the needs of variable flow operation;
  • Saturation of the recycled effluent obtained with different systems depending on specific requests and/or applications;
  • There is no possibility of obstruction in the tank, therefore minimized maintenance and management;
  • Separation of the different sectors that form the DAF tank without means of any kind of mechanical seals, which in time are subject to wear and/or continuous maintenance;
  • Built entirely from stainless materials. Stainless Steel 304 (316 optional) and polypropylene;
  • Footprint reduced by 50 - 70% compared to conventional DAF systems.

This type of machines are suitable for treatment of surface water, as well as separation device after any coagulation/flocculation process of industrial effluents or as upstream treatment for biological systems, to reduce the organic loading and removal of fat or tertiary treatment downstream of inefficient or inadequate settlers or clarifiers.

  • Primary treatment of surface water
  • Tertiary treatment of municipal wastewater and industrial slaughter and meat processing plants
  • Fish Processing Industries
  • of dairy and / or production of Manufacture butter and margarine
  • Food in general
  • Petrochemical Industry
  • Textiles
  • Industrial Laundries
  • Cosmetic Industry
  • Enhancement of biological systems with the possibility of pre-treatment or tertiary treatment

The combination of a good filtration, followed by flocculation and dissolved air flotation may allow reduction of COD values of up to 85%, removal of grease and oil above 95% and suspended solids up to 98%.

The values of reduction are variable depending on wastewater source and degree of pollution as well as percentage of colloids in the effluent.

Complete Machines
The range of smaller units, which brought in 5 standard models cover treatment from 2 to 25 m3/h, are completely prefabricated and ready for start up, except hydraulic feeding and discharge connection that need to be sorted on site. The structure is fully manufactured in stainless steel AISI 304. The main service equipment, such as saturation group, recirculation pump and air compressor are also part of the machine and fully assembled on board.

To meet the needs of limited space, minimizing the necessary structures in place and installation, in many situations all utilities serving the process, such as equipment for the chemical pre-treatment, automation etc.. are housed in air-conditioned fully assembled prefabricated boxes with plumbing and electrical connections already made ready for commissioning.

Prefabricated Machines
The units for medium and large flows, made of 8 standard models covering course of treatment from 30 to 150 m3/h are completely prefabricated transportable machines.

The main service equipment, such as saturation group, recirculation pump and air compressor are generally assembled on independent skid that needs to be positioned in site adjacent to the flotation unit.

All machines require no assembly or special fittings to be carried out on site, and no special support structures but only limited hydraulic connections for feeding and discharge as well as interconnection with the saturation skid to be sorted.

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