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A rubber belt conveyor of BOA Recycling Equipment can be applied for several purposes. For instance, the BOA rubber belt conveyor (type RB) can be used as: a sorting belt in picking lines, a bunker belt (collect and store), feeding conveyor and discharge conveyor. In general, this type of conveyor is suitable to transport various kinds of (waste) material for many applications.

The BOA rubber belt conveyor is available in several constructions (with options if necessary) to suit different applications. The conveyor can be placed in-floor, above floor, horizontal and/or in various angles. We offer many belt widths with various types of belt qualities and lengths to your need. We propose the best suitable rubber conveyor for its purpose, depending on your requirements, the available space and the material to transport. We supply several belt widths, with lengths to your need and with different belt qualities.

A few possible options are:

  • dust extraction
  • fully enclosed version
  • oil and grease resistant (ROS)
  • frequency controlled belt speed

The rubber belt of this type of conveyor is endless. The belt runs over plain steel sections and on the bottom side in the returning path it runs over born rollers. For certain types of material and/or for certain angles the belt will be equipped with flights.

Advantages of our rubber belt conveyor are:

  • Long life
  • Durable and reliable
  • Low running costs

BOA's rubber conveyor is suitable for transporting various materials.

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