- Model V75 - Air Compressor


This high capacity, vertical tank compressor has all the features that many other compressors don't. We looked long and hard at what the other guys were offering, and came to a few conclussions: 1) Most of the cost in an air-compressor is in the motor & pump, so don't build them bigger than they need to be. 2) Most air tool use is intermittent so build a large storage tank instead of a bigger motor and pump. 3) floor space in a shop is limited, so build a vertical tank and put the controls at a working height. Nothing annoys us more than crawling under a bench to adjust the regulator on a horizontal unit, only to find the drop handle of our bench vise with the back of our head on the way out.

By using a larger tank (75 litres) our compressor doesn't cycle as often as the other units with the smaller tanks and that puts less wear and tear on the pump. We also insisted on a 'wet sump' compressor. So called 'oil-less' compressors run hotter and louder than ours. Translation, they don't last as long.

  • Model: V75
  • Maximum Air Pressure: 116 psi (8 Bar)
  • Motor: 2.5 HP (1.8 Kw)
  • Flow Rate: 6 / 7.5CuFt/Min @ 116 / 90 psi
  • Pump Speed: 3,450 rpm
  • Output Hose: Type M 3/8'
  • List Price: $239.95

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