Model Lido Series - Separation System

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Model Lido Series - Separation System

The Lido is Lune's newest addition to our waste separation systems line. Produced out of steal which can be powdercoated in the RAL colour of your demand. The Lido can be provided with your own company's trademark which will create your private company separation system. This system has three waste section.The two side fractions each have a capacity of 50 liters. The fraction in the centre of the litter system is bigger; 73 liter. The total capacity of the Lido is therefor 173 liters. The top of the system can be opened simply and quickly and so the wastebags can be easily and in a short time be replaced.

Material: Steel    
H 75 cm W 90 cm D 37 cm Cap 2 x 43 ltr & 1x66ltr
Lune/Brink Industrial
Lune/Brink Industrial
Voltastraat 28
Hoogeveen 7903 AB


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