Bondtech Corporation

- Bin Dumper and Autoclave Carts


Heavy Duty. Built to order. Economically priced. Reliable

  • Suitable for any type of industrial application
  • Aluminum, stainless, or carbon
  • Ideal for collecting & sorting

  • Bondtech's Autoclave systems have been operating commercially for the past ten years. Bondtech's Medical Waste customers include BFI, Waste Management, Med-x, Applied Recovery, Sterimed, Med-Tech to name a few.
  • Bondtech biomedical waste autoclaves were developed to provide our customers significant cost savings on waste treatment by using high vacuum and high temperature with saturated steam. We can provide commercial, on-site and mobile systems.
  • Bondtech's biomedical waste autoclaves are capable of treating from 200 Lbs. - 7,000+ Lbs./cycle.
  • Bondtech provides a hinged mounted door to provide full movement to a full opened position. It is a breech lock type door with a safety interlock to prevent the door from opening while under pressure.

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