Bonsegna Srl

Bonsegna Srl

- Model CMB - Tandem Dump Trailers



Reinforced frame tilting rear with innnesto rapid Fixed front axle 120 under rear steering axle with bloc. framework 120. Brakes tires. Suspensions Kit parabolic tandem with adjusting rods parachute on the piston valve. Horn during ribalramento valve stroke end on the piston. Bath with sheet metal profile bent at. Opening rear hydraulic. Lighting system in accordance with Documents for road use approval. Tailgate openable hydraulically.

  • Braking hydraulic  steering controlled by a piston connected to the tractor
  • Tailgate watertight
  • Tipping with pump and cardan shaft  tilting with hydraulic motor and pump  enclosure cover
  • Radio control for the hydraulic movement
  • Cassone stainless steel

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