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- Floating Grab Dredgers



Our floating grab dredgers type boom are suitable for small and middle-sized sand and gravel deposits. The floating grab dredger type boom consists of a luffing boom, which is mounted on a closed pontoon-system. Also, a fixed winch is mounted on the pontoons. Coming from the winch, the holding and closing ropes for the grab are guided over the boom. The grab can be designed as a rope grab or as a hydraulic grab and works inside a dredging hole of the pontoon-system. The movement of the grab consists of lowering the opened grab to the ground, closing the grab, hoisting the grab to the end-position at the upper end of the boom, luffing the boom over the hopper, opening the grab and discharging the material into the hopper as well as luffing the boom back to its starting position over the dredging hole.

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