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- Blow Out Preventer - BOP - Fluid Management System


Water based and oil based fluids are subject to contamination from trace metals and microbial particles. By cleaning BOP fluid, we can increase the reliability of safety critical equipment and extend the life of the fluid; giving significant cost savings. BopSep is a multi-purpose unit that can also be used for Riser Tensioning and Compensator fluid management.

Our BopSep purifying units can separate and re-circulate water based or oil based BOP fluid, bringing the fluid down to NAS 7 (ISO 4406) or better.


  • Removes contaminants
  • Small, compact plug and play mobile units
  • No consumables due to mechanical separation
  • Cleans source fluid down to meet required specifications (NAS 1638)
  • Can be used on Water Based and Oil Based hydraulic fluids


  • Reduces BOP maintenance and nonproductive time
  • Improves reliability of safety critical BOP fluid
  • Long maintenance periods (6 monthly)
  • Reduction in operational cost
  • Removes need for increased filter and fluid inventory in remote locations & associated Solution: disposal costs

How we can help:

We can provide a full health & lab analysis of your Bop fluid. Through sampling we can identify the source of the contamination and propose options to resolve the issues found.

We have a full range of rental offshore ready modular systems which meet applicable DNV and ATEX specifications. Our systems will flush the pipework, cleaning the fluids from contaminants such as, trace metals, pipe residue and organic particulates.

Cleaning is only part of the process. Once the fluid is clean we need to look at how we maintain the quality in the future. The fluid may need to be continually flushed and maintained. We offer full design and build services for long term and permanent solutions to meet offshore standards.

Typical Results
Obtained from fluid particle counter to demonstrate reduction incontamination.

  • Removes contaminants
  • Increased BOP fluid life
  • Reduce downtime
  • Low operating costs
  • Improve reliability of
  • safety critical BOP fluid

Benefits of mechanical separation:

  • Highly efficient and reliable
  • Easy installation
  • Reduces Inventory
  • Requirements
  • High G force mechanical separation with no consumable & minimal disposal cost

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