Beijing Institute of Radio Measurement

Beijing Institute of Radio Measurement

- Model CFL-03 - boundary layer wind profiler radar

The CFL-03 wind profiler radar system is a Doppler, steerable beam, boundary layer wind profiler radar, with solid-state transmitter, that reliably provides atmospheric horizontal wind field, vertical airstream and atmospheric structure constant of refractive index (Cn2) from 100m up to 3~5km above ground level(agl) in unattended operation. This system supports networking detection and can detect atmospheric virtual temperature by adding Radio Acoustic Sounding System (RASS).

The system can be used for

  • boundary layer atmospheric wind detection

  • numerical weather prediction

  • approaching weather forecast

  • pollution diffusion process observation

  • airport airflow monitoring

  • tactical artillery/ballistics

  • space vehicle launch/landing

  • defense

  • test range support

Detection range:

Maximum measurement Height:3~5km

Minimum measurement Height:100m

Wind direciton:0~360°

Wind speed:0m/s~90m/s

Detection accuracyRMS

Wind direction:10°

Wind speed:1.0m/s

Operating frequency:


Antenna size:

Microstrip linear array

1.8mx 1.8m, 2.4mx 2.4m, 3.6mx 3.6m

installation type:

Fixed, Vehicle, container