TracMap NZ Ltd.

TracMap NZ Ltd.

Break Fencing

Accurate measurement and positioning of break fences is a critical component of stock and pasture management.    The TracMap system ensures accurate break feeding by displaying fence locations that have been exported from your farm mapping system, or, if you need an instant guide on where to put the fence while in the field, allows easily calculation of where to place the fence.  TracMap even allows accurate division of odd shaped fields.

Allows the accurate placement and calculation of break fences.

  • Display on the farm map the location of break fences. 

  • No confusion or guess work on where to move the fence

  • No wastage of food or under nutrition of stock

  • Calculate the correct placement of the break fence even while in odd shaped fields.

  • Easy to use menus and buttons

  • Area of paddocks displayed on screen

  • Break Fence location layer able to be turned on and displayed when needed

  • Calculate accurate areas even in odd shaped fields

  • Large 6.4 inch screen size for easy reading

  • Great daylight visibility, irrespective of sunlight conditions

  • Swivel Dash Mounting for ease of placement and viewing

  • Completely waterproof and dustproof, meaning you can operate in all environments including ATV's

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