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Model OM2-DR - Breaker Monitor



The OM2-DR breaker monitor uses patented technology to provide continuous monitoring of breaker performance, resulting in:

  1. Improved Reliability
  2. Avoiding Nuisance Alarms
  3. Breaker Life Extension
  4. Automation of SF6 Emission Reporting
  5. Easy-to-install during
    • Retrofits
    • Original Equipment Manufacturing

OM2-DR monitors every breaker operation and SF6 gas density, providing precise information used to implement Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) programs.

CBM reduces maintenance costs and increases system reliability.


  • Breaker Monitoring
    • Generation, Transmission and Distribution Breakers
  • SF6 Gas Density Monitoring

Monitoring Improves Reliability

The OM2-DR monitors circuit breaker performance and gas density. Mechanism wear may lead to serious problems showing themselves as an unwanted increase in breaker operation time from:

  • Poor trip coil action
  • Sticking in the latch
  • Binding of components
  • Bearing wear or seizure
  • Lack of lubrication
  • Problems with stored energy systems (springs of pneumatics)

Monitoring Provides Precise Breaker Performance Information

The OM2-DR monitors arc duration time to aid in determining the condition of the dielectric quality within the arc chamber prediction when maintenance is needed. OM2-DR monitors the following parameters accurately timing arc duration, trip close and clearing time of:

  • Mechanism travel time
  • Trip time
  • Arc Duration
  • Cumulative i2T or IT on the main contacts (phase segregated) from arcing
  • Restrike occurrence & total operation count
  • Elapsed time since last operation
  • Clearing time

These measurements provide a method of quantifying problems resulting from:

  • Contaminated oil
  • Poor lubrication
  • Contaminated gas
  • Nozzle ablation

Features & Benefits

SF6 Emission Reporting:

The system can automate EPA or IPCC reporting with totalized gas emissions feature. The system separates handling losses from fugitive equipment emissions allowing management to identify how they can improve their SF6emissions.

Improved Reliability

On-line 24-7 monitoring, facilitates fleet assessment and Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) strategies which have proven to provide an increased level of reliability and reduces O&M expenses.

Life Extension:

Moisture can enter equipment even if it is under positive pressure. If gas is leaking out, moisture will also be getting in. By monitoring and identifying gas leaks, moisture related damage can be avoided.

Reduced O&M Expense

The OM2-DR predicts days-to-lockout on a low gas alarm allowing maintenance to be conducted on a proactive maintenance schedule and avoiding unscheduled overtime call-outs. The use of in-service performance metrics allow utilities to identify the condition of the breaker fleet and to focus their maintenance on those assets which are in need.

Complete Product Line Delivers Maximum Uptime and Reliability

The OM2-DR, gas density sensor, installation accessories and options (shown below) feature rugged utility grade construction for long-life and care-free operation. The monitor and sensors install in less than three hours.

  • Pre-Engineered gas plumbing kits
  • Snap-on transducer – no tools
  • MAG-DR Magnetic Mounting
  • Universal Power Status Monitor

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