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Designed and built to the same high standards as Briggs' larger models, the R18, R24, R30 and R40 mounted booms allow a lane spacing of 18 - 48 metres (other widths in between those shown are available on request). For ease of operation the booms are transported on the reel and a fixed hydraulic lift system has been developed to transport the booms safely. All models give accurate and uniform water distribution under a wide range of conditions, with a controlled droplet size to match the crop. The booms operate at low pressure (0.6 - 4 bar) and can apply from 14 to 50 cubic metres per hour.


  • Uniform water application gives far more even crop growth compared to raingun systems.
  • Using a Briggs boom can reduce water consumption by 20% compared with rainguns. 
  • High flow rates allow faster retraction enabling large areas to be covered in less time. 
  • Controlled droplet size reduces soil damage. Large droplets can be selected to reduce drift while fine droplets can be used to minimise damage to very delicate crops. 
  • Reduced impact from small droplets also reduces soil capping and soil erosion. 
  • Low pressure operation helps reduce pumping costs and puts less strain on the pipeline.

  • The rear wheels of the boom can be set from 1.5 to 4.4m wide so that all the wheels are in a tractor wheeling.
  • The boom is fully mounted on the hosereel, making transportation very simple.
  • Genuine one person operation. From fully open to fully folded takes one operator 2 – 3 minutes.
  • There is a choice of Nelson S3000 Sprayjets or R3000 Rotators configured to suit flow rates and droplet size requirements of the soil and crop.
  • Pressure regulators are used on all Nelson S3000 or R3000 nozzle assemblies ensuring a perfectly matched flow rate across all nozzles.
  • Ball valve control on all sprinkler/spray-jet outlets enables sections to be shut off to suit irrigation requirements and allows individual nozzles to be unblocked if necessary.
  • Optional combination of sprinklers and spray jets or drop pipes and spray jets to suit wide headlands and irregular shaped fields.
  • A choice of blanking plates, raingun mounting kits and end sprinklers give the booms exceptional versatility.
  • All models are equipped with a turntable allowing the boom to be set at an angle or rotated around any obstacle during irrigation.
Tough & Reliable
  • In the design process strength, longevity and user friendliness were the top 3 items on the brief. These booms are designed to last as long as the hosereel they are working with.

  • Proven lifespan of more than 20 years. Many booms from the late 1990's are still working well with well with over 15000 hours of use.

  • All our booms are made from steel and are fully galvanised which ensures a long life span.

  • All components are manufactured using modern technology and spares are readily available for any boom we have ever made.

  • Models currently available include the R18, R24, R30 & R40 (numbers designate structural length in metres). 
  • Options developed in conjunction with farmers around the world make the booms highly versatile.

Blanking plate

Blanking plate with or without end sprinkler allows the boom width to be reduced to avoid awkward obstacles.

End sprinklers

The option of a low trajectory impact sprinkler on each end of the boom gives up to 35% increase in lane spacing.

Nelson R55A end part circle rotator

Nelson R55A part circle rotator can increase the lane spacing by 10-12 metres on each end of the boom. Droplet size is generally heavier than the S3000 or R3000 nozzles.

Dribble pipe

The dribble pipe option provides precise irrigation without wetting the crop. Drop pipe spacing can be engineered to suit individual planting systems. Each drop tube has a Nelson pressure regulator, nozzle and dropper with weight to allow precise inter row irrigation.

Slurry splash plate nozzles

Available for liquids with a higher dry matter content.

Lift frame kits

Available for the range of Ocmis, Marani & Irtec hosereel machines

Filter cone and housing

Available in 3, 3.5 or 4' sizes with Bauer couplings. Filter should be used between the flexible hosereel supply pipe and the inlet fitting on the hosereel.

Dual Nozzle Clip

Holds two sizes of nozzle so that the boom can quickly be set to a different flow rate by swapping nozzles.

Turf wheels

Ideal for turf growers and amenity applications.

Hydraulic lift system

Essential for tall crops or working over obstacles.

Electro-hydraulic powerpack

Makes raising and lowering the hydraulic lift system much easier than a hand pump system.

Three point linkage pulling out bar

Necessary for pulling out booms where the PE pipe is laid down in the wheeling behind one of the tractor wheels.

Manual raingun mounting kit

Used in two different ways:
1. To irrigate an area that can not be reached with the sprayjets or rotators and then manually divert the water back to the boom for the remainder of the irrigation run.
2. To allow the operator to use a raingun for the whole run or part of a run – if there is an obstacle in the way or a narrow part of the field to irrigate.

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