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The Bright Technologies Belt Filter Press is a modern design that includes three (3) US Patents and many innovative features that provide high performance in a compact, high value package. Many competing products are based on old and inferior designs that do not utilize filtration area effectively. Our belt press is designed with long term value and ease of operation in mind. Stainless Steel frame and roller construction are standard. An Allen Bradley tm touch screen and PLC integrate the press and support equipment so that unattended operation and integration into SCADA systems are easily accomplished. The optional press mounted operator walkways and handrails are easily removable for press maintenance and allow the operator good visibility of the process.

Our Patented Belt Filter Press Products use filter belts (typically polyester) and mechanical pressure to dewater or solidify sludge, slurries and food products. The most common applications are for solidifying waste water sludge or industrial slurries.

Our belt filter press is capable of superior results such as:

  • Maximum Hydraulic loadings of >150 GPM per meter of belt width
  • WWTP Primary - Cake Solids of up to 37%
  • Aerobic Digested - Cake Solids of up to 24% TS
  • ATAD Process – Cake Solids 30% @ 2000 Lbs/Hr/meter
  • Lagoon Sludge - Solids loadings of 2500 Lbs/Hr/meter producing 20% Solids
  • Mineral Slurries - Cake Solids of 50-70% TS at rates of 6000 Lbs/Hr/meter
  • Lime Treated Septage - Cake Solids 47% @ 1400 Lbs/Hr/Meter

These are some real world examples of what of what our belt press systems are capable of given good conditions and material. Contact us and request some of our case studies for more information on our belt filter press experience and capabilities.

There are three process zones to a belt filter press, the gravity zone, wedge zone and high/pressure/shear zone.

The gravity zone is where the sludge or slurry is first introduced to the filter. This typically happens after a chemical flocculent or polymer has been introduced and mixed into the slurry to release water and form larger particles. The slurry is spread across the usable area of the filter and contained from running off the filter sides by rubber seals. There are typically plows or chicanes on the upper surface of the filter belt to move the sludge solids and promote drainage. On the lower side, the filter belt is typically supported by a grid of replaceable plastic material. Many belt press designs place these support grids too far apart (6-10 inches) and on some the supports are also are too wide and block the drainage of liquids from the filter belt. Bright’s superior design places ½ inch wide UHMW plastic strips on 2.5 inch centers. This promotes superior drainage by breaking surface tension on the filter without unnecessary blockage of the exiting water. The close grid also better supports the filter thus creating a better seal with the rubber containment pieces.

Inclined Gravity Zone
Unlike most competitors which have a level gravity zone, Bright belt filter presses feature an inclined gravity section. The sludge feed box is lower than the discharge end of the gravity zone. This promotes better dewatering by keeping the water laden sludge back by the feed box and carrying the solids up to the discharge only after the majority of water has drained through the filter. This gives the gravity zone more effective dewatering time than is possible with a level gravity deck. It also makes higher production rates possible.

Patented Wedge Zone
The wedge zone is where the upper and lower filter belts meet and envelope the slurry on two sides. Bright Technologies belt filter presses have a patented radius wedge zone that applies a gentle pressure on solids in the slurry that provides superior conditioning prior to entry to the High Pressure/Shear Zone and does not require any operator adjustment.

High Pressure/Shear Zone
In this zone the filter belts are wrapped around steel rollers that progress from large diameter to smaller. As the diameter of the roll decreases the pressure on the sludge increases. The first pressure roll on a Bright Belt Press is a patented fabricated roll called a wing roll. This roll features a 50% open area and convex inner surface that channels the liquid to outside of the roll so that it drops beyond the filter belt and does not rewet it. Our rolls are triple stub plate design and constructed of stainless steel so that no roll coatings are required.

Applications Include:

  • Municipal WWTP Sludge
  • Pulp & Paper Sludge
  • Water Plant Sludge
  • Aggregate Fines
  • Septage
  • Meat Processing Sludge
  • Canning Sludge
  • Animal Manure
  • Ink Sludge
  • Mineral Slurries
  • Grease Trap Waste
  • Food Products


Patented Radius Wedge Zone

  • Simulates Large Diameter Roll
  • Brings Belts into Convergence Sooner
  • No Operator Adjustments Necessary


High Efficiency Gravity Zone

  • 4 Degree Incline for Exceptional Pooling & Control
  • UHMW Supports on 2' Centers for Superior Drainage
  • Combination angle and 'V' Plow configuration


Pneumatic Belt Tension & Steering

  • Air Bellows Design is Very Durable and has No Seals to Fail
  • Not Affected by Corrosive Environment
  • No Worries of Leaking Hydraulic Fluid
  • Easy to Maintain and Service
  • Low Energy Requirement


Pneumatic Variable Orifice Sludge Mixing Valve

  • Mixing Action is Adjustable from Any Convenient Location No Matter Where the Valve is Located.
  • Reliable / The Rubber Sleeve is the Only Wetted Part
  • Easily Adjustable from Low to High Mixing Energy
  • No Mechanical Moving Parts or Seals to Leak or Bind


State of the Art Controls

  • 10 Inch Color Touch Screen Operation
  • PLC Modem for Factory Support
  • NEMA 4X Stainless Steel Control Panel
  • Alarm History Log
  • Operator parameter adjustment history
  • Operator adjustable system timers


Belt Filter Press Mounted Operator Station

  • Start and Stop the System
  • Controls Polymer Dosage, Belt and Sludge Pump Speed
  • Displays Current Faults
  • Modifies System Timers
  • Sludge Pump and Polymer System Hold Function

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