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- Model X3Cycler - Full Plastic - Aluminum Liquid Containers



Finally, a machine that can do it all. The X3Cycler is the answer for processing large volumes of full plastic or aluminum liquid containers. It dumps, perforates, dewaters, crushes, and bales in one compact and integrated system. Large 35 cubic foot bales, high thru-put and corrosion resistant stainless steel construction make this equipment a winner.

The cart tipper is designed to accept Gaylords or plastic totes of containers of up to 2.0 cubic yard capacity and cycles in under one minute including an automatic cart rinse cycle while inverted in the hopper!

The X3Cycler processes up to 1.5 cubic yards of containers per stroke and completely cycles in about 2 minutes! You will not be waiting for the X3Cycler, it will be waiting for you. With two 8” bore hydraulic cylinders the X3Cycler develops up to 250,000 lbs. of force to drive the liquids out and insure optimum bale density.

Concerns about cleanliness? The X3Cycler contains & channels liquid to where it belongs. No Runs, No Drips, No Errors!

  • Stainless steel construction
  • 230 Gallon SS liquid collection pan
  • Ul listed NEMA 4x plc control panel
  • Category 3 safety interlocks
  • Allen Bradley electrical controls

  • Tipper loads and bale ejects to same area
  • Vertical lift chamber end door
  • Sliding splash covers
  • Deck mounted hydraulic unit

  • Cat 3 bale chamber splash guards
  • Cat 3 rope pull tipper & door perimeter
  • Redundant main motor contactors
  • Deadman type bale eject control
  • Bale door dead bolt (up position)

  • Pressure compensated pump
  • Oil cooler (with over temp fault)
  • Independent tipper vane pump
  • Desiccant air breather
  • Dirty fi lter sensor and fault
  • Oil spill pan with drain

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