Bromine Removal System



Bromine Removal System. High Quality Chlorine Product. Plastic producers and operators of water treatment plants in the United States are concerned with bromine levels present in liquid chlorine. NORAM has developed a new bromine removal process allows production of liquid chlorine containing less than 5 mg/kg bromine, regardless of the bromine content of the plant's cell gas.

Safer Energy-efficient Process.

NORAM's bromine removal technology is a proven energy-efficient process that uses a proprietary heat recovery system to minimise operating costs. Low pressure operation eliminates the safety concerns associated with older high pressure distillation processes. Nitrogen trichloride is safely handled without the use of solvents, eliminating environmental and safety issues.

Minimal Down-time for Retrofits.

NORAM's technology can be installed in existing facilities, with minimal down-time, to improve product quality while eliminating solvent use. The system can be integrated with most existing compression and liquefaction systems with minor modifications.

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