- Model MPZ - Extreme 2 Compression Baler



The Bronneberg MPZ-Extreme baler is a heavy duty designed and manufactured baler in accordance with the latest technology in engineering and manufacturing standards. This Bronneberg baler can rely on many years of experience in even the most though working environments. The MPZ-Extreme baler is equipped with a shear function on the pusher block, therefore the baler will cut off material when operating and therefore there is no chance of jamming of material.

The Bronneberg MPZ-Extreme baler is designed for continuous baling purposes and therefore the pre-loading hopper can be loaded continuously with a grapple or a conveyor belt. The requested length of the bales can be determined by setting the number of pre-compression strokes. The frame of the MPZ-Extreme baler is bolted and therefore self-supporting, minimal foundations are required.

This baler suits every kind of scrap yard and can even be placed in production lines to minimize the handling of waste material during manufacturing processes.

The MPZ-Extreme baler is designed to process the following types of material:

  • New steel cuttings / punching (from production lines)
  • Steel off-cuts from coils with a thickness of >0,1 mm
  • Cans
  • Aluminium and steel turnings
  • Wire scrap (copper)

The Bronneberg MPZ-Extreme baler is designed in order to reduce down time and therefore it will increase the ROI in every application.

  • Compressions: 2
  • Boxsize: 1.800 x 1.000 mm
  • Bale size: 300 x 300 x var. mm / 400 x 400 x
  • Operation: Automatic, Remote control
  • Power pack: 45 kW
  • Baling force: 1.250 kN
  • Cycle time: 30 sec
  • Weight: 23 Tons

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