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- Model GF135 - Real-Time Flow Error Detection Metal Sealed Thermal Mass Flow Controllers



Keep critical flow processes on-target and maximize throughput with the GF135 Advanced Diagnostics Pressure Transient Insensitive (PTI) mass flow controller. The world’s first “smart” mass flow controller is a true game changer: It performs integral rate-of-decay flow measurement without stopping the flow of process gas. It allows semiconductor manufacturers to verify process gas accuracy, check valve leak-by and monitor sensor stability in real time without removing the flow controller from the gas line. Combined with an all-metal wetted flow path, ultra-fast settling times and industry-leading process gas accuracy, the GF135 PTI MFC has the potential to transform the productivity and throughput rates for a wide range of deposition processes.


  • Long-term zero stability of <±0.5% full scale per year
  • Ultra-fast settling times: <300 ms - <400 ms
  • Full-scale flow rates: 3 sccm to 5 slm
  • Ultra-high purity flow path - 4µ inch Ra surface finish
  • Embedded real-time flow error detection and trending using Rate of Decay (ROD) techniques
  • Enhanced process gas accuracy - up to three times improvement - through advanced gas modeling optimized through actual gas testing
  • Third generation pressure transient insensitivity (PTI) technology
  • High visibility, electronically rotatable LCD display provides local indication of flow, temperature, pressure and network address
  • DeviceNet™, RS-485 and analog interfaces


  • Real-time flow error detection enables faster adjustments to flow deviations and supports wafer yield improvement
  • Sensor stability tracking improves system uptime by supporting predictive maintenance
  • Valve leak-by tracking helps minimize first wafer effects
  • Enhanced process gas accuracy meets process gas chemistry control challenges at 10 nm
  • Market leading flow settling time reduces non-productive flow stabilization steps, supporting advanced 3D device processing
  • Enhance pressure insensitivity delivers superior process gas control for enhanced etch and deposition control
  • Corrosion-resistant Hastelloy® sensor provides unmatched long-term sensor stability ensuring maximum yield and throughput
  • Drop-in replacement for surface-mount and VCR MFCs is an easy upgrade for critical gas lines on existing systems


  • Semiconductor advanced etch tools

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