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- Model LDS HBT Combo - Hydrostatic Bearing Slip Tables



Hydrostatic Bearing Tables (HBT series) provide the ideal solution for strenuous vibration test requirements and the use of linear hydrostatic bearings in the HBT series slip tables allows heavier load carrying capability. Used extensively to test avionics and military hardware, automotive components and electronic assemblies, our range of combo systems and slip tables put test items through rigorous vibration testing.

  • 3-axis testing
  • Avionics and military hardware testing
  • Space flight simulation
  • Automotive component testing
  • Electronic assembly testing
  • HBT series: Exceptional payloads

  • Suitable for exceptional payloads
  • Vibration tables feature additional hydrostatic load carrying bearings and are capable of 75mm (3”) displacement
  • Oil film for load support minimizes plate rippling
  • Bearings can be configured to accommodate different load types
  • Linear bearings provide axial restraint for low distortion while additional bearings provide tolerance for thermal expansion and contraction
  • Body and base isolation suspension for body of electrodynamic shaker
  • Air-glide and castor mobility available

For three-dimensional testing applications we recommend LDS’s trunnion mounted electrodynamic shaker and slip table. Combined in one fabricated frame, it provides easy installation and mobility. For testing very large or complex payloads we recommend a stand-alone trunnion mounted shaker with a separate slip table on a seismic base. This configuration provides the ultimate pitch, roll and yaw restraint for the vibration table.

The largest of the LDS V700 series and all V800 and V900 series shakers can be supplied as a combo system. All feature the LDS Lin-E-Air body isolation and guidance system, which ensures the shaker body is maintained on the central line, minimising distortion and maximize vibration control at low frequencies and payload capabilities. All LDS slip tables use custom designed rugged steel chassis, allowing maximum stiffness for the greatest payload.

These slip tables use guidance bearings to minimize axial distortion and an oil film for load support.

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