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Combining convenience, performance, flexiblity and safety, LASERUSB is the ideal controller for your test lab. It has 24-bit precision with wide control dynamic range, and fast loop times to provide superb control for your most challenging tests. LASERUSB provides full capability controller for random, swept-sine, resonance dwell, classical shock, random- and sine-on-random, shock SRS, and field data replication.

  • Random tests
  • Sine tests
  • Shock tests
  • Swept sine
  • Resonance dwell
  • Classical shock
  • Random and sine on random
  • Shock SRS
  • Field data replication

  • 64-bit compatible
  • Kurtosis Parameter Control
  • Fatigue Monitor
  • Full capability for vibration control, data reduction, and signal analysis
  • Multi-channel with 4 to 16 channels for multi-point control or analysis
  • 24-bit resolution gives wide dynamic range to control highly dynamic structures
  • Fast and safe with 100 millisecond loop time
  • Amplifier and thermal chamber interfaces for seamless lab integration
  • Automatic safety checks to protect your valuable equipment
  • USB connectivity makes it as easy to install as adding a mouse or keyboard to your PC

Convenience, performance, flexibility  and safety 

Random Vibration Control Software, Version 9 provides support for 64 bit Windows operating systems allowing the vibration test software to run on latest PC technology.

In version 8, Kurtosis Parameter Control was added. An option that greatly improves laboratory simulation of real-life vibration and helping manufacturers reduce product warranty costs and cut test times.

The Kurtosis Parameter Control gives your test lab the capability to use a non-Gaussian signal with the kurtosis characteristics set to match the “peakedness” of real-world data. Setting the kurtosis characteristics of the test signal provides better simulation of real world vibrations environments. The ability to tailor kurtosis provides for accelerated fatigue tests and saves test time. For a durability test lasting many hours, a high kurtosis test delivers significantly more fatigue damage than a Gaussian random test.

VCS Version 8 also included the Fatigue Monitor which detects the onset of product fatigue and initiates a rapid test shutdown to protect expensive and/or sensitive products from damage or catastrophic failure. This unique monitoring function can also be used to detect looseness in the fixture or mounting or even degradation of the shaker itself.

Convenience: Raising the standard with USB connectivity

All major PC makers, and consumers worldwide, have adopted USB 2.0 because of its superior speed, convenience and ease of use. LASERUSB is the only vibration control system that connects to your PC, even offering backwards compatibility to earlier USB versions. Our simple setup wizard reduces setup time and our fault-free sensor setup is virtually ensured by our use of the TEDS smart sensor interface. CCLD coupling provides added value and convenience by eliminating the need for separate signal conditioning.

Powerful automation features take the tedium out of repetitive tasks, allowing you to run complex test schedules with a single keystroke. Integration of the shaker controller and amplifier, and many popular thermal chambers saves time and simplifies the setup procedure.

Performance: Exceptional vibration control capabilities

The LDS LASERUSB Vibration Controller delivers exceptional performance in both R&D and production environments. It is a true multi-tasking system with the control loop handled independently of the PC, allowing users to analyze data and prepare test reports, instantly transmitting all reports and data via email. The system features 24-bit resolution hardware. Housed in a low-noise enclosure, the hardware offers programmable voltage ranges on all inputs and outputs. This design provides the range needed for precise control of complex structures. The LDS LASERUSB Vibration Controller comes standard with two inputs, an output, COLA, and digital I/O for remote control. You can easily expand the system to sixteen inputs for multi-point control of complex test structures with limiting and independent channel abort profiles.

Flexibility: Complete range of full-featured vibration test applications

We've worked with test engineers from many industries to make the software for the LDS LASERUSB Vibration Control System user-friendly and rich in features. Our applications minimize training time, allows quick test setup, and easy report generation. You can tailor your vibration test solution to your needs and budget by purchasing a basic system and then adding software options to meet later test requirements, all without the need for expensive hardware upgrades.

Safety: A higher standard for safety

The LDS LASERUSB Vibration Control System offers enhanced safety and reliability. Over 20 safety checks and interlocks act to ensure the safety of the test article, vibration table, shaker, and personnel. LDS LASERUSB provides unique safety features not available with other vibration controllers, including a built-in hardware abort button that connects directly to the output hardware circuitry. Special circuitry on the output also protects the shaker from voltage transients due to power failures or accidents such as switching off controller power.

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