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- Model LDS V101 - Permanent Magnet Shaker for Vibration Environment under Laboratory Conditions



The V101 (Sine Force Peak 8.9 N) shaker has been designed to reproduce a vibration environment under laboratory conditions. Although extensively used in industry they are ideally suited for use in universities and research establishments to investigate the dynamic behaviour of structures and materials. Other applications include fatigue and resonance testing, used as velocity transducers or high speed actuators and various medical/veterinary purposes.

  • Modal and structural analysis
  • Electronic assembly test
  • Laboratory experiments

  • Wide frequency band combined with high peak forces
  • Low mass, high performance armature construction
  • Base or trunnion mounted
  • Powered by compact, quiet and energy efficient amplifiers
  • Robust, lightweight suspension system provides excellent torsional and traverse stiffness with minimal impact on system acceleration

The shaker incorporates a lightweight moving armature which have been optimised to provide the smallest mass with a wide frequency range. Laminated flexures are bonded to the armature to provide axial support for the armature and test load as well as providing lateral and rotational restraint. The V101 is convection cooled. With the LDS power amplifier PA25E, the model V101 achieves 8.9 Newtons (2 lbf) peak sine thrust.

  • Sine force peak : 8.9 N
  • Max random force rms    
  • Max acceleration sine peak : 140 gn
  • Velocity sine peak : 1.31 m/s
  • Displacement continuous pk-pk : 2.5 mm
  • Moving element mass : 0.0065 kg
  • Usable frequency range : 5-12,000 Hz

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