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- Model LDS V555 - Low Force Shaker for Vibration Environment under Laboratory Conditions



The  V555 is designed to create a vibration environment. Qualification tests on components and small assemblies can be reproduced under controlled conditions using a wide frequency band. The V555 shaker will operate in the frequency range of DC to 6300Hz from either a sine or random input waveform.

  • Automotive component testing 
  • Aerospace component testing
  • Electronic assembly testing
  • Structural testing
  • Modal investigation 
  • Vibration stress testing under varied environmental conditions 
  • In-house test and calibration facilities

  • Lightweight, high performance armature design delivers excellent acceleration and velocity performance
  • Optional software allows system tests to be controlled remotely using a PC
  • Ease-of-use and power saving features on LDS amplifiers reduce operating costs
  • Proven reliability maximises system availability, combined with global servicing and support
  • Vertical or horizontal operation

The V555 is the smallest in a family of three air cooled vibration generators, manufactured by LDS. Several features have been incorporated to make it an ideal choice of testing machine for quality assurance and the R & D laboratory. In particular there is a light weight rugged magnesium armature frame with raised test load attachment points, as well as a proven armature suspension system which uses four, low mass, rollers running on flexures and a central linear bearing system. This arrangement provides the armature with excellent lateral and rotational restraint, with axial stiffness provided by rubber air mounts. The test load carrying capacity is achieved by a unique pneumatic support system which allows full relative displacement for loads up to 25 kg (55 lb). 

The body of the V555 forms a magnetic structure, housing the field winding, which together with the moving armature assembly, are suction air cooled by a remotely located low noise fan. A degauss coil kit is available as an optional accessory. The shaker can be trunnion mounted and may be operated in any position between the vertical and horizontal axes. Jacking bolts and floor fixing holes are provided for levelling and fixing.

  • Sine force peak : 940 N
  • Max random force rms : 640 N
  • Max acceleration sine peak : 100 gn
  • Velocity sine peak : 1.5 m/s
  • Displacement continuous pk-pk : 25.4 mm
  • Moving element mass : 0.94 kg

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