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- Model LDS V830 - Medium Force Shaker for Vibration Environment under Laboratory Conditions



The V830 Electrodynamic Shaker is designed for the vibration testing of medium-sized payloads such as automotive components and other types of electronics assemblies up to 160 kg.

  • Automotive parts and systems - qualification testing
  • Electronic assembly, computer equipment testing
  • Avionics and military hardware testing
  • Satellite component testing
  • Product and package testing
  • General stress screening

  • Interchangeable armatures extend diameter from 185mm to 335mm for vibration testing large or multiple payloads
  • Internal load support is standard
  • LDS active suspension system
  • Airbag and rubber isolation mountings available for the vibration table
  • LDS Lin-E-Air body isolation and guidance system available for the vibration table
  • Useful vibration control frequency range from d.c. to 3500Hz.
  • Maximum sine vibration force ratings: - 9.8 kN (2200 lbf)

The shaker can be used in combination with LDS' SPA16K amplifier to provide vibration test systems for sine, random and transient testing. Interchangeable lightweight armatures offer a cost-effective solution to high-performance testing and our larger diameter lightweight armatures provide excellent overturning restraint for large or multiple payloads on a vibration table.

The smaller diameter versions are suitable for high 'g' vibration control applications. Compatible with AGREE norms, LDS V800 series models can be integrated with other environmental test equipment, such as thermal and humidity chambers.Our active suspension system eliminates the need for resilient mountings and improves reliability at low frequencies. A unique infra-red system allows accurate control of the armature position in both vertical and horizontal operation, crucial for high quality shock testing where the armature must be offset.

LDS Lin-E-Air body isolation for the vibration table ensures excellent stability at low frequencies. Guidance shafts eliminate the tendency to rock while testing large or offset payloads when doing vibration control at low frequency.

  • Sine force peak : 9.8 kN
  • Max random force rms : 9.81 kN
  • Max acceleration sine peak : 75 gn
  • Velocity sine peak : 2 m/s
  • Displacement continuous pk-pk : 50.8 mm
  • Moving element mass : 12.05 kg
  • Usable frequency range

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