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- Model Type 2250-H - Hand-held Vibration Analyzer


Suitable for a wide variety of vibration measurement applications using one of a range of accelerometers - dependent on the level, position and environment in which the measurements are to be made.

  • Quality testing and inspection
  • Product development
  • Machinery analysis and troubleshooting
  • Building vibration
  • Maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO)

Types 2250-V and 2270-V
  • Time domain integration to velocity and displacement
  • RMS and true peak in acceleration, velocity and displacement 
  • Crest factor, including optional 1 kHz high-pass filter 

Types 2250-H, 2250-V-D11 and 2250-V-D12

  • FFT span from 100 Hz to 20 kHz with 6400 lines
  • Tolerance windows with check against preset limits

All Types

  • 1-channel Types 2250 H or 2250 V
  • 2-channel Types 2270 V
  • RPM measurement from external tacho probe
  • Wireless LAN connectivity
  • Vibration signal recording (optional) for post-processing analysis

Type 2250 H quickly, easily and reliably presents the operator with the measurement result in the palm of their hand.

Type 2250 H includes the analysis tools and measurement units for a wide range of troubleshooting applications. Measuring the vibration level of a pump, fan or motor is a simple and effective technique for determining the correct operation of the machine or component. Higher-than-expected vibration magnitudes may indicate possible problems with shaft misalignment, loosening of components or general wear on bearings and gears.

Quality control involves examining and monitoring parts, assemblies and sub-assemblies in order to check adherence to standardised vibration tolerances. Measuring and analysing that vibration can be used to detect assembly faults and ensure compliance with required standards.

New products have characteristic sound and vibration spectra; deviations indicate problems:

Early component performance evaluation can greatly improve product design. The analyzer’s dual overlay display makes it easy to compare measurements between design iterations and to benchmark competitive and previous-generation products.

Whatever your application, there is more to your measurements than just the bare numbers. With annotations it is easy to attach voice commentary, notes and images (with Type 2270 only) to the measurement results.

Type 2250 H also supports customised metadata fields, which are supplementary information entries about your measurement that make archiving, retrieving and post-processing data easier and more efficient. Examples of metadata would be operator name, device test number, batch number, date and time etc.

Signal Recording Option BZ-7226
Enables vibration signal recording for later playback or analysis. The recording can be automatic (lasting for the duration of the measurement), controlled manually, or last as long as the limit level is exceeded.

PC Software – Utility Software BZ 5503
An all-purpose program forming the information link to (and from) your analyzer. Its primary functions are to manage and archive user's data, handle updates, upgrades and licensing of application software, and to control the analyzer’s data from a PC.

Is there an upgrade path to a full 2250 Class 1 Sound Level Meter for 2250 H owners? Yes, item number BZ 7222-UPG adds the sound level meter application to 2250 H, converting your vibration analyzer into a precision Class 1 Sound Level Meter.

Hand-held Analyzer Type 2250 H is designed as an advanced solution for vibration measurement, analysis and recording. Built on an award-winning design*, Type 2250 H blends the best of today’s hand-held technologies with over 65 years of experience in sound and vibration measurement solutions.

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