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- Model Types 4827 and 4828 - Measurement Exciter for Testing



With a force rating of 650 N (sine) and 1000 N (sine) respectively, Types 4827 and 4828 are used for high-precision excitation of a variety of mechanical structures in SISO and SIMO test setups on large automotive structures, aerospace structures, locomotives, truck body-in-white, large engines, large industrial turbines, heavy-duty pumps. Also, it is ideal for demanding and uncompromised excitation of large and very large structures in MISO and MIMO test setups. The two modal exciters are available as stand-alone units – supplied with the appropriate trunnion, blower and connecting cable only – or as complete systems (Types 3627 and 3628), with centering unit, matching power amplifier and field power supply.

  • General mechanical mobility measurements
  • Experimental modal analysis on most mechanical structures
  • SISO, MISO, SIMO and MIMO modal test applications
  • Advanced structural dynamic investigations
  • Structural damage detection

  • Force rating 650 N sine (Type 4827) and 1000 N sine (Type 4828) (with forced air cooling)
  • Wide frequency range
  • Low stray magnetic field
  • High force-to-weight ratio
  • 2 inch peak-to-peak displacement for best low-frequency excitation
  • Blocked forced air cooling with installation of squek and rattle option (max operating time is 2 hours)

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