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ALPHA FT-IR Spectrometer; About the size of a lab book, the extremely compact FT-IR spectrometer ALPHA will play a big part in your daily routine. Plug & play set-up, easy-to-use software, combined with QuickSnap™ sampling modules assure powerful and reliable FT-IR analysis you expect from Bruker.

The new ALPHA will save you the much needed bench space in your laboratory. ALPHA's footprint only takes up a 22 cm by 30 cm space (about 8' by 11'). ALPHA is light as well, only weighing about 7 kg (about 13 lbs).

No sacrifice in performance
The ALPHA interferometer is based on Bruker Optics' patented RockSolid™ design, which is used in our laboratory and rugged process spectrometers. This means the ALPHA delivers the performance and reproducible results people have come to expect from a Bruker FT-IR spectrometer. The ALPHA is also insensitive to vibration, so it can be placed almost anywhere, can be moved, and be immediately operational without any need for alignment. ALPHA delivers excellent sensitivity as well as x-axis reproducibility and stability.

Practicality for routine analysis
The ALPHA makes FT-IR analysis simpler than it has ever been before. With it's plug-and-play operation, easy to set-up and ease of use, ALPHA brings practicality to FT-IR spectroscopy. ALPHA offers all the capabilities you expect to achieve for a routine analysis. The intuitive OPUS/Mentor software interface guides you every step of the way. The software is easy to learn. You will use your time for the FT-IR analysis – not for learning the software.

Flexible sampling
The ALPHA offers full FT-IR sampling flexibility. User exchangeable QuickSnap™ sampling modules allow the analysis of almost any kind of sample (e.g. solids, liquids or gases). Transmission, attenuated total reflection (ATR), external and diffuse reflection FT-IR sampling accessories are available.

The ALPHA provides an optimal instrument design for almost each sample and therefore is greatly suitable for a large variety of applications.

One of the most important applications of the ALPHA is quality control in various industries. Here the FT-IR spectroscopic analysis is predominantly utilized to verify product specifications and to determine the identity of unknown samples.

The availability of liquid cells and various ATR options for the ALPHA allow performing quantitative analysis with always the optimal measurement conditions for the respective sample type. There are dedicated ALPHA analyzers with internal calibrations available which perform the quantitative analysis of quality-related parameters in wine and the determination of FAME in diesel.
Due to its compact design and its intuitive usability the ALPHA also is predestined to be used for teaching.

Furthermore several mobility options provide for the portable use of the ALPHA. Mounted on a tripod and powered by a battery pack the ALPHA can measure art objects on-site and contactless. The gathered information helps in art conservation.

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