Brush Layers



Brush (branch) layers are living branches placed on a terrace along contours of a stream bank and interspersed between layers of soil. This technique is used to repair a slump or gully and is most effective for revegetating scour holes.

Installation Notes: Brush (branch) layers are placed on terraced benches with two-thirds of the basal material tilted into the slope and covered with soil. Branches should protrude beyond the face of the terrace. Before installing, soil terraces can be additionally protected by putting down geo-fabric. Starting at the bottom of the slope, secondary brush (branch) layers can be added every 3’-4’ proceeding up the slope. Straw mulching the finished surface is recommended to provide moisture retention and additional erosion control. Planting should be done during the dormant season. Brush Layer Sizes: 3 linear ft per bundle, 3-4 branches thick; available in 3’-6’ bundles.

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