- Model DF-3L-BL-AC - Brushless Emergency Response Sampling System



F&J Model DF-3L-BL-AC is a lightweight, small footprint, DC voltage powered air sampling system operable from (1) line power, or (2) a 12 VDC power source such as solar panels or other alternative energy sources.

The DF-3L-BL-AC is well suited for alternative energy air sampling activities where users do not know whether line power will be available. The unit may be operated from solar power or wind power source through either the AC input or DC input.

The automatic flow control feature with the F&J Digital Flowmeter technology provides maximum flexibility for emergency response sampling responsibilities. The set flowrate is maintained automatically in case of dust loading and does not require operator attention.

Typical flow range is .8 - 3 SLPM (800 -3000 sccm).

  • State-of-the-Art Electronics
  • Operating Modes
    • Line Power (100VAC – 250VAC)
    • External 12VDC Source
  • Lightweight ~5.5 lbs. (2.5 kg)
  • High Flow 3 LPM Maximum
  • Bright LED Display
  • Automatic Flow Control Feature
  • Flowrate and Volume totalizations displayed are corrected to a factory settable reference Temperature and Pressure (4 options available)
  • Auto shut-off on time or volume

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